neurodivergent, nonbinary + aro+ace.
sometimes i'm a treehouse deity of perseverance & healing who hangs out in a treehouse with the treehouse crew;

yells about the maximoff twins a lot as well as superheroes in general.
also cries about super ladies and mutants

cele/celes/celeself/ + she/her.

AO3 = lechatnoir.

scribble on a leaf, the treehouse will tell;


currently watching || bssmc, free! s2, from dusk to dawn, gatchaman crowds, jellyfish princess

rewatching || yu yu hakusho, samurai champloo


work in progress •|| marvel ladies fashion set (1/?)
rurouni kenshin manga cap edits (1/?)
New York Comic Con '14 || Blink (65% complete) | Poison Ivy (90% complete)

Networks + Commissions
t a p v

Commision Info
(1) doctor who - w i p
(1) icon - w i p